"You wanna know what the worst part about death is?"

"I feel terrible, Dawson. I really do. I mean, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I feel so helpless. I mean, if this were about a girl, I could offer sage advice but…this is out of my league. The only person that was ever taken from me was my grandfather, and that was a long time coming, you know."

Pacey/Jen Moments

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"I looked at you tonight and I…it was like you came completely out of your shell."

"I’m sorry I’m not the kind of father that you felt you could share your story with…"

"Pacey, if I was going to thank you for anything, it would be for being yourself, and, you know, for not caring about what anybody else thinks, and for knowing in your heart what’s right and wrong, and…for being there this year…when I needed you the most."

"Jack, I’ve had lovers, I’ve had boyfriends, but what I’ve never had is a boy who was first and last a friend. Who wasn’t secretly trying to get in my pants, or wouldn’t walk away from me the second I said I didn’t want to sleep with him. Who liked me…for me."

Anonyme asked: i really like pacey and jen's friendship and i always felt like it was way too underrated. could you upload more pacey and jen moments? :)

Oh yes of course, I’ll try! I love them too c: