Michelle Williams: Cabaret - April 24, 2014
Katie Holmes:
The Giver - 2014
James VDB:
Friends With Better Lives - 2014
Joshua Jackson:
The Affair - 2014
I’ve never met anyone like you before.
You scare me. I love the way you scare me.
But it makes me nervous.
Then I do or say something stupid, and then I spend all this energy coming up with ideas to be smart, so you won’t think I’m stupid.
But then those ideas backfire, making me look even more stupid.
It’s just a vicious cycle. I’m really at the end of my rope right now.
Because all I want to do is kiss you.
And I’m afraid if I don’t kiss you soon, I’m gonna explode. —Dawson Leery, Dawson’s Creek (via thoughtforms)
You break my heart into a thousand pieces and you say it’s because I deserve better? —Joey (Dawson’s Creek)
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